10Kg Heavy Industrial Dryer Machines R25Plus

10Kg Heavy Industrial Dryer Machines R-25-Plus by Srikantha group 0777777629

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10Kg Heavy Industrial Dryer Machines

R 25 Plus


  • Revolutionary construction concept featuring the “new system to convey the air with a compact stringy flow” and self-cleaning fan, which concept sensitively increases the efficiency and the delicacy of the drying process reducing the cycle times and the energy costs
  • New steel housing with strengthened tightness giving the dryer not only a major solidity, but also a sensitive reduction of the noise
  • Exclusive RENZACCI PDC (Power Dynamic Control) system featuring the rotational “NO LEISURE SYSTEM” standard, eliminating the problems linked with the wear and the power drive belts
  • Micro-filtration system with a double progressive phase, featuring a double filter and the exclusive filtration system with noise reduction, unique of its kind, and big self-cleaning filters
  • Extra-large loading door
  • “SOFT DRY” computer in order for you to be free to input in an easy and flexible way programmes, times and temperatures. Ideal to treat the most delicate garments and to carry out the best techniques of the “WET CLEANING”
  • Possibility to manage in an extremely flexible way some important end-of-cycle functions, such as ”ANTI-FOLD ROTATION, “COOL- DOWN FOR FINAL COOLING”, ”LINEN DISTRIBUTION FUNCTIONS”, etc.
  • Wet Cleaning model, outstanding for its capability of carrying out delicate and personalized treatments
  • Variable drying speed by means of an inverter, to further personalize the drying cycles based on the type of garment (optional)
  • Humidity residue sensor to carry out particular types of drying respecting the textile characteristics of the most delicate garments (optional)
  • Steam, gas and electrically heated models

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity 10 kg
  • Measures 740x950x1505