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Industrial Steam Tobi- Iron SJT-5000

Industrial Steam Tobi- Iron SJT-5000


Product Information:

* Generation of strong steam of 120’c within 90 sec after switch –on.

* Preheating and heating  function of the power-switch.

* Built-in water supply alarm system and overheating prevention system.

* Highly portable and suitable for limited places.

* Help to clean out stain and dirt in kitchens as well as sterilizer and humidifier function.

Major Using Places

* Quality and high style clothing store.

* Department store, Tailor Shop, Boutique and Garment Mending Shop.

* Very convenient product widely used for sewing  factory, Laundry, School uniform Shop, Hospital, House hold, Sample testing room and other places.

* In addition, this product has humidification and sterilization function and can be also used for removing old stains in a kitchen.