Small Industrial Tumble Dryer 10kg ( Grandimpianti ) Made In ITALY

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Electric and gas dryer for small businesses

Small dryer with a green heart

GDR201W  of the  SmallPRO line  is a small-sized dryer with a technological heart capable of meeting the needs of MPI (micro and small businesses). Compared to the GDR201, this dryer also offers gas heating . All the advantages of professional laundry drying, therefore, are enclosed in an appliance with domestic dimensions.

Small technological heart

This dryer is small only in size because it hides a technological heart that ensures efficiency and professional performance: the basket is in galvanized steel, the filter is generously sized and positioned frontally for easy cleaning, the heating  is electric (single-phase or three-phase) and gas. Top, front and side panels are white and powder coated.

Egonomic and functional

The dryer offers an  ergonomic control panel that guarantees excellent visibility of the display, a   large, reversible door with opening up to 180 °to facilitate the loading / unloading of the laundryFinally, this dryer is equipped with a  basket and heat-insulated air ducts, to reduce heat loss, and never hot external surfaces: in this way the working environment is not only safer, but also more comfortable.


Baby doesn’t mean less secure!

The GDR201W is also equipped with alarm circuits  and various anti-overheating solutions . All this, certified according to the most rigorous international standards.

Multiprogram timer

The GDR201W dryer offers  timed  drying programs or residual humidity detection, the preset temperature cannot be changed.The dryer sends notifications via 2-digit LEDs on the display (residual humidity, heating, door status, error code, etc.) and audio signals with intensity-adjustable volume.