Small Industrial Washer Extractor 10Kg (Grandimpianti GH10) Made In ITALY

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Professional washing machine for MPI

Super centrifugal and customized!

GH10 OPL  is a super- centrifugal washing machine from the SmallPro range  , the specific line to meet the needs of MPI (micro and small businesses) capable of ensuring professional linen treatment, without compromising. The SmallPRO line, in fact, was created specifically to offer the right balance between professional results and small dimensions suitable for small spaces, typical of this type of business.

Small only in size

Although small in size (load capacity 96.83 liters), this appliance has the same mechanical characteristics as its bigger sisters: steel basket , for a delicate touch on fabrics, and a high number of holes for draining thewater which allows a minimum percentage of fabric moisture at the end of the spin cycle. This model is also equipped with a  mechanical balancing system through movable balls positioned on the front and back of the basket. The door opens completely up to 180 ° to facilitate the loading / unloading of the laundry. The GH10 OPL washing machine is also equipped with an ergonomic control panel with an inclination of 45 ° which ensures better visibility of the display.

Maximum detergency in small spaces

This professional washing machine is equipped with an 4-compartment dispenser in an ergonomic position, for detergent in powder or liquid, with a double inlet for cold or hot water for each compartment. The liquid detergent dosage kit is optional , with the innovative “wavy mixer” system that guarantees greater hygiene and better water distribution.The washing machine is equipped with a standard pump drain (Optional drop-down with 2-inch motorized valve) and can be connected to pumpsfor dosing the liquid detergent.

Professional performance and safety systems

As in all our appliances, there are also safety devices in this super-centrifugal washing machine  . The porthole is also equipped with a safety circuit with the innovative instant release system: the door can be quickly opened by pressing “pause”. The equipment is then equipped with numerous sensors.

Simple and functional control

The GH10 OPL washing machine offers  6 washing programs with the possibility of changing its parameters according to predefined options (standard washing cycle, addition of prewash, addition of prewash and rinse). In addition to the programs, a LED display also displays the diagnostics menu : total customization of the washing diagramsand data transfer via infrared communication kit, which avoids accessing the equipment to activate communication. The control system allows the audit of the work data (programs executed, alarm history, etc.) all referring to the date and time of the event constantly stored. Possibility of a delayed departure up to a maximum of 72h.